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Most incidents involving automobile damage will involve the presence of one or more insurance carriers. Alpine Auto Renovation will happily work with each and every insurance company that may be involved with your automobile claim. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you will be hard pressed to find an insurance company that we have yet to work with. Whether a claim involves automobile vandalism, questions of liability, claim varieties, or mere insurance issues, we are well versed and educated in insurance operations and procedures.

As an insured, or as a claimant other the coverage of another individual, you have the right to take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice. Even if a given insurance company has a working relationship with a different facility, or if they refer you to a number of shops, the final decision will always be yours. From an insurance standpoint, our job is to act as your advocate throughout the entire repair process, ensuring that you are properly informed and taken care of. We understand that the collision repair process can be unfamiliar and stressful at times, especially when involving insurance coverage. However, we work for and advocate for our customers, not the insurance companies, and want you to be informed and comfortable throughout the entirety of the process.

Other frequently asked questions:

Q: Does it matter which insurance company will be covering the damages?

A: As we work with all insurance carriers, there is no need to worry about which particular company will be covering the damages to your vehicle. Even though certain insurance companies may sound unfamiliar, you can rest assured that we have worked with them in the past.

Q: My insurance company is trying to send me somewhere else, what does this mean?

A: As you are the rightful owner of your vehicle, you are entitled to take your vehicle to a repair facility of your choice. Different insurance companies have agreements with certain repair facilities. These agreements are not based upon the quality of their work, they are merely financial agreements made by both parties. We differ from these other shops, in that, we do not work for the insurance companies, we work, and advocate, for our customers.

Q: If I submit an insurance claim, will the damages show up on Carfax?

A: We never have, nor ever will, submit any information to Carfax. In fact, Carfax and other similar services collect their information solely from police reports, dealer maintenance records, and other publicly available sources. The only way an insurance company is required to report such information, would be in the case of total loss, flood, or salvage titles.

Q: I got in an accident, where do I go from here?

A: Moving from the accident to the vehicle repair stage can appear daunting if you have never experienced it. However, as we have ample experience in these matters, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. Once a claim has been filed, the given insurance company will proceed by obtaining an estimate for the cost of repairs. They go about this process in a variety of ways. Some companies will send one of their adjusters to you, others will send you to one of their claims drive through centers, many want multiple estimates from various shops, and some companies will work off of our estimate. Whatever method is requested, do not worry about any differences between estimate prices. We work directly with the insurance companies to collect any additional funds that are above and beyond the initial estimates, you will never be asked to pay the difference. Furthermore, we do not cut corners during the repair process, we do whatever is needed to restore your vehicle back to the condition it was in prior to the accident. So much so, that no one will be able to tell that your vehicle has ever been wrecked.

Q: I wrecked my car, can I drop it off today?

A: If you feel that your car is unsafe to operate after an accident, call us and we will arrange for a tow truck to bring it directly to our shop. Unsafe operating condition is required by most insurance companies to justify a rental car, unless the car has been scheduled into our shop, and the parts have been ordered. As parts can take anywhere from 5-7 days to arrive after being ordered, and since insurance approval is required prior to repair commencement, little progress can occur until these steps have been taken. For this reason we ask that you come see us anytime for an estimate, bring or email any insurance estimates, and then we can schedule a time that is convenient for you to bring your car in for repairs. This way you don't have to worry about rental coverage limits, nor do you have to part with your car until we have the parts already here waiting for you. Know that proper auto body repair takes time, and any vehicle requiring paintwork will take at least three days.

Q: I have some questions about repair, insurance, or general matters, is it okay if I call?

A: Feel free to call us anytime with any questions that you may have. Whether you have general questions, questions about insurance related matters, or any other topic, remember that we are here to help. We understand that moving through the process from accident to repair can be a stressful time. We strive to do whatever we can to help you throughout the entirety of the process, remember we work for you.

Q: What are my guarantees if I decide to have my vehicle repaired at Alpine?

A: Not only do we take great pride in our work, but we also stand fully behind it. Any paint work that is done at Alpine Auto Renovation comes with a lifetime warranty from DuPont-Standox. Any repairs that are completed at Alpine Auto Renovation are guaranteed for the entirety of your ownership of the vehicle. After you have picked up your vehicle upon completion, if there is anything that you notice, or if something is amiss, please don't hesitate to call.

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